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Become A Guardian For An Australian Labradoodle

Acadian Labradoodles Guardian Program

Our breeding program is home based, enabling us to have well socialized family member dogs. We don’t believe in long term kenneling of dogs, because we want our dogs to be well balanced and happy.

In an effort to expand our breeding stock, we have implemented a Guardian Program. This program is an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet. We are looking for families to adopt a breeding dog, we will retain breeding rights, and you will get a pet for a greatly reduced price, possibly even free. Health testing and any reproductive costs are ours. The females come back to our home for breeding and whelping. The males return to our home for stud service.

How This Works

You have the pick of the litter chosen by us to be a breeder pup.

Our dogs have a great permanent home without having to be kenneled.

These are the things that are required of a guardian family.

• Live within a reasonable driving distance from our home
• Be interviewed by us to determine your suitability
• Own your own home
• Have a fully fenced yard
• Take the puppy to obedience classes
• Ensure that the puppy is well socialized

• Provide veterinary care when needed and notify us of what has transpired
• Feed a diet approved by us
• Notify us when a female begins her heat cycle
• Not allow a female to be around intact males during her cycle
• Not allow a male to breed to other females

If this program interests you, please contact us.


We have two dogs possibly needing placement in guardian home at this time. Please contact us to inquire.

Cell phone: 337-739-8288
[email protected]
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