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Thank you for considering an Acadian Labradoodles Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle puppy. This will provide you with information on the purchase of an Australian Labradoodle puppy from us.

Our Labradoodle puppies are beautiful and intuitive and have all of the endearing qualities of this breed. They are happy, easy to train and care for, and make great family pets. You will love having this beautiful and wonderful puppy as a member of your family.

All of our Labradoodle dogs receive excellent medical care. Our adult dogs receive extensive medical testing to assure that your puppy is healthy. Our puppies receive proper medical care from our veterinarian, including initial shots and de-worming. You will have to follow up on this medical care, but we will provide you with a record that you can present to your veterinarian.

Our puppies are priced at $2700 (including sales tax, if applicable). You will be required to put down a $350 non refundable deposit, which will be applied to your purchase cost.

When you purchase your puppy from Acadian Labradoodles, we will provide you with:

  • A health certificate from our veterinarian
  • A health guarantee against hereditary diseases (some conditions apply)
  • A record of veterinary care provided to your puppy up until the time that the pup is sent to you
  • A veterinary record of early spay or neuter of your pup

We spend many hours socializing your puppy, so that the pup will be comfortable with you and your family. Each pup is held, cuddled, and rubbed. Your pup will be comfortable with your touch.

As a part of preparing your puppy for travel to you, we begin crate training. We also begin potty training.

Your puppy will have a microchip inserted for your protection. We will provide you with the paperwork for transfer of ownership to you.

And we will always be here to support you. We try very hard to match you with the right puppy. If, in the unlikely event that your puppy is not right for you, we will take the puppy back and assist you in finding a new home.



We ship puppies to any international airport in North America. Unless your puppy accompanies you, your puppy will fly air cargo in a pressurized section of the airplane.  Your cost for shipping will include the air fare, the travel crate meeting airline requirements, the cost of the veterinary exam required for air travel, and our costs in traveling to and from the airport. This cost will almost always be less than $600.00. We will make all arrangements for you. You will know what these costs are before we send your puppy to you.

When you pick up your puppy, the puppy will want some water. Also, the puppy will need to relieve itself, so you will need to find a grassy spot. Your puppy will have a collar in a packet attached to the crate, but you will need to bring a leash.

Your puppy may be a little shy, but with your loving attention, the puppy will respond, and become a member of the family in short order.




Apply to adopt a puppy by filling out our

Adoption Application. Based upon the information that you provide to us, we will select the best puppy for you. While you wait, decide how the puppy will fit in your life. Make decisions about what you will feed the pup, where the pup will sleep, how the puppy will be trained, what the puppy will need to be entertained. These are some of the easiest dogs to care for, but these are puppies. They do require your time and energy.

If you do not already have a veterinarian, select one that is willing to learn about this breed. These puppies will win the heart of anyone that they contact, especially your vet. If that does not happen, find another vet.

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